How to Maintain Your Concrete Runway?

  Concrete is used a lot in a lot of things that are helpful and necessary for you to have in order for you to be safe like a concrete runway. A concrete runway is where you will be landing and taking off or just parking for an airplane, jet or any other flying vehicles that existed up to this day. The quality and the current state of your concrete runway is important because by carrying the weight of at least 30 passengers can damage the runway so it needs proper maintenance. In this article, we’ll talk about how to properly maintain a runway but if you’re busy or don’t want to take care of that matter then contact paving Newark NJ.

  • KeeptheRunway Clean and Sealed Properly 

    A clean runway is very important, it can help on how the vehicle’s state when it runs through the runway, it can help the vehicle run more smoothly to avoid accidents. There are some cases where your runway is not properly sealed and a sealed runway is very important as it helps on how the flight will progress and go through. You will need to check the conditions of the runway if it needs cleaning or resealing especially when there is a strong weather occurrence that happened in the runway of the plane. Weather is really important when it comes to maintenance since the runway is exposed to the weather every second of every day so make sure to check the current state of the runway. 

  • Avoid Staining and Spilling Any Chemicals

    Concrete plus chemicals are not a good combination since the runway mostly deals with the airplane and airplanes has a lot of chemicals in it so it’s very important. And if you are to stain the concrete runway, it will cause some damages to the concrete itself and the vehicles that step on it and the repair cost is quite a lot. Ammonium sulfates are one of the chemicals that are especially harmful to the concrete, it corrodes the metal making it crumble and make holes as the metal already has corrosion. When you stained the runway, makes sure that you immediately go to its car so that the problem won’t turn into a bigger one and save the life of the concrete. 

  • Repair Damages Immediately 

    Like any other things, the runway can face through many damages like the damages that deals with the weather, or accidents that may hurt the current state of the runway. If you see any damages on the concrete runway, make sure to aid it directly so that you will not face a much bigger problem in the future. The stains in your concrete might be a substance that corrodes the runway and if there is an airplane landing whilst going on that runway then an accident might occur. Many lives might be taken and many people might be affected by the incident if it ever happens so make sure to have proper maintenance for your runway.